NEW!! Use Geocoins to Collect CoinAE Points

CoinAE Geocoin – Get Yours Today!

How does the global treasure hunt work?

Well, buy a CoinAE Geocoin today, register it on and get a FREE REWARD of CoinAE Points in your account.When we launch the new Geo Web App, you will be able to log trackables, view your balance and see your points increase.

Each Geocoin comes with an aluminum laser-etched copy, called a Proxy, and it has the same unique tracking code as the CoinAE Geocoin. Hold on to your original CoinAE Geocoin and SET THE PROXY FREE in a Geocache. When someone logs a CoinAE tracking code here, they will get a FREE REWARD of CoinAE Points, and so do you! Each time the tracking code to a Geocoin you are the registered owner of is logged on, you get more CoinAE Points. Another way to collect CoinAE Points is to show your Geocoin to your friends and encourage them to join the the treasure hunt by logging that code on this website, then both you and your friends will get more FREE CoinAE Points. Welcome to the CoinAE Geo Treasure Hunt!
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