The Devae Group (creators of CoinAE – a new digital currency) has minted four highly collectible commemorative geocoins and is offering them for sale now.

Designed by artist and author, Chris Mackey, the 2015 CoinAE Geocoin is the first geocoin to commemorate a digital currency, and the first to come with a FREE REWARD of a digital currency launching later this year, CoinAE. Welcome to the world of digital currency.


The CoinAE web store is scheduled to go live June 10th. In the meantime click here and submit the completed form. You will be emailed a PayPal invoice from Devae Group, the creators of CoinAE.

Part # Image Item Retail Now FREE REWARD
of CoinAE (Æ)
TGC100-09 01_front_antique_copper2 Regular Edition
Antique Copper Color
with Green Enamel
PLUS Æ100 FREE CoinAE Credits

Click here for more information.
$20.00 $9.99 Æ100
TGC100-10 03_front_antique_silver Limited Edition
Antique Silver Color
with Blue Enamel
PLUS Æ125 FREE CoinAE Credits

Only 250 minted for circulation.
Click here for more information.
$30.00 $14.99 Æ125
TGC100-11 05_front_antique_gold Ultra-Limited Edition
Antique Gold Color
with Ruby Red Enamel
PLUS Æ200 FREE CoinAE Credits

Only 100 minted for circulation.
Click here for more information.
$40.00 $29.99 Æ200
TGC100-12 07_front_shiny_silver VIP Edition
Shiny Silver Color
with Royal Purple Enamel
PLUS Æ325 FREE CoinAE Credits

Only 25 minted for circulation.
Sorry, we are sold out!
$90.00 $49.99 Æ325
TGC100B-01 original.png Ultra Bundle
Regular, Limited and Ultra Limited
PLUS Æ500 CoinAE Credits
$90.00 $34.99 Æ500
TGC100B-02 original.png VIP Bundle
Ultra Bundle PLUS the VIP Edition
PLUS Æ1,000 CoinAE Credits

Sorry, we are sold out!

$150.00 $89.99 Æ1,000

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About the Artist

Artist and Author, Christian Mackey is one of the premier coin designers for Geocaching and business communities. With a prolific library of over a thousand coin & tag designs and decades of proven experience in business identity, advertising, design and animation, he also has winning designs in promotional media in state, regional and national arenas. Christian’s artistic endeavors have been showcased around the world and he has literally written the book on geocoin design entitled “Discovered: Memoirs of a Geocoin Designer“.