CoinAE Geocoin Rewards

CoinAE is a digital currency, and with the purchase of each CoinAE Geocoin, you will get FREE CoinAE credits.  CoinAE credits will be exchanged for actual CoinAE currency and sent to your free CoinAE wallet when CoinAE launches later this year.

There are two easy ways to register your ownership of a CoinAE Geocoin, and claim your FREE CoinAE credits.

  1. If you have already joined and have an account, click here to go to the page to register your Geocoin’s tracking number (found on the side of each CoinAE Geocoin and its Proxy).
  2. If you have not joined yet, click here to join and Register a CoinAE Geocoin.

Once you have registered ownership, we have to approve the reward on our end. Once approved, your rewards will appear on your account page. If you purchased a bundle, an additional adjustment, over and above the individual Geocoin rewards will be added to your account after the last coin of a bundle is approved. Please email if you fell there is an error in the amount your have been rewarded.


2015 CoinAE Geocoin

Regular Edition = Æ100

Limited Edition = Æ125

Ultra-Limited Edition = Æ200

VIP Edition = Æ325

Ultra Bundle = Æ500

VIP Bundle = Æ1,000