Have you heard of Bitcoin? Bitcoin and CoinAE are crypto-currencies. Anther way to describe CoinAE is to call it a digital currency. A digital currency is used as a storage of value and a method of payment. So, crypto-currency is a digital currency that can be stored in a secure wallet on a computer, smartphone or tablet, and can be used to pay for things.

One way to explain it is that CoinAE is sort of like the Starbucks Stars customer loyalty program. One can earn Starbucks Stars by purchasing something at Starbucks. After one accumulates a certain number of Stars (let’s say 20 Stars), then they can spend the stars to get a free drink – as though it is a digital currency. There are some very important technical differences between Starbucks Stars and CoinAE that you can learn later. The main difference between them is that you can earn, mine or buy CoinAE, and you can spend or send CoinAE anyplace anywhere in the world.

The advantages of CoinAE are many; security, anonymity, low transaction fees, and it is totally managed by distributed decentralized systems, meaning it is not controlled by a massive central bank, or the politically or financially powerful. Think of CoinAE as a currency “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

CoinAE is specifically different from other digital currencies, because CoinAE shall be controlled by publicly available  economic equations in automated financial controls to manage volatility historically common to any currency. CoinAE will be an economically stable and elastic digital currency.